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derniere nouvelle
« le: dimanche 06 novembre 2011, 21:57:53 »
depuis l année derniere des patch sont sorties , des nouvelles classes sont apparues , 2 nouvelles arrive le week end prochain encore .  avec mon perso principal je peux crafter tous ce que je veux jusqu'au plus haut niveau . si ca dis quelqu'un de revenir su PW MY je vous conseille de crée une classe rogue . la meilleur actuelement sur le jeux.

enfin contacter moi si cela vous interesse de revenir et de voir sa , le prochain patch est tres prometeur , mais surtout quand on est haut lvl . aujourdhui il est facil de monter lvl 102 en tres peu de temps !

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Re : derniere nouvelle
« Réponse #1 le: lundi 07 novembre 2011, 20:19:27 »
je connais pas ce mmo je vais le tenter j'ai jouer plus de 4ans a wow en rogue /pretre je vais tester un voleur, il y a un serveur en particulier sur lequel créer son perso ou te rejoindre?


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Re : derniere nouvelle
« Réponse #2 le: jeudi 10 novembre 2011, 18:15:54 »
deja il faut que tu crée un compte ici :

l'id et pass de ce compte te servirons a te connecter au jeu.

pour télécharger le client c'est ici:

telecharge le client et ensuite le dernier patch . j espère que ta une bonne connexion ta presque 4g a dll .

le nouveau patch est vraiment cool:
Main Content


- New Race (Aerian) and new jobs (Swordseido and Wraith Angel)

- 4 new Aerian zones of the southern part of world map

- New Aerian related quests

- New production skill - Grind Mastery

- New Devyn quests

- New Guild Base creation and contributions upgrades

- Guild Diplomacy is now available

- New Interface skin

- Auction Hall and item Mall fashion items are updated



New Contents


- New Aerian Immortals and Demons Cultivation

- Simplified Haunted Gratto, Frozen Realm, Valley of Disaster instances process. ( Door is removed )

- New Instances - Elyrian Valley ( LVL 85-94 , LVL 95 -105 ) ( EXP Instances )

- New Asura Event, upgrade battle mode and reward

- Added Guild Quest, obtainable if Hall of Righteousness grade 3 and above, receive more contribution daily

- Release of Oriental Wedding and relevant fashion rewards

- New Ring Engraving services, may add extra elements on rings, can only used at Master of Synthesis of ADC

- New Samsara for Mages classes.

- Various scale sizes will be displayed when choosing a teleport destination on the map, at the same time, teleporters will prompt the most convenient teleport route

- Updated wedding procedure, Chinese wedding allows bride and bridegroom to move around without  requirement to sit or Hoist Cuddle

- New Aerian Rank 9 equipments

- Test Your Fatality”quest! Collect quest from Elder of Thousand Stream City, test on your Max Attack value and view your Attack ranking in server

- Opened new map- Rasfon Village

- New Rasfon Village serial quest- Abyss of Love , player Level 100 and above can collect quest from Elder of Thousand Stream City

- New Edict of Reward Punish quest, Nirvana player Level 100 and above can collect quest from Messenger Gaumin and gain max 620,000 EXP reward upon completion

- New Stone of Madness quest, player Level 100 and above can collect quest from Urya in Rasfon Village and gain 480,000 EXP reward upon completion

- New large-scale Guild dungeon- Enneagon League is now available. It has 9 stages that allow 100 Guild members to participate. Commander or higher ranked management in Guild with Guild base can activate the dungeon by talking to Guild Chief. Player of Level 80 and above and with more than 200 Guild merits is allowed to participate. It gives a brand new dungeon experience while the difficulty of some stages had been revised.

- ”Helping Hand” quest has made available to ease player in challenging Guild dungeon. Player can collect quest from Guild base NPC Paravita to gain “Deity Blessing” status that will greatly increase player’s MP Regeneration Speed and cause greater damage on enemy (Status will disappear after leaving the dungeon).

- Updated max Guild base level to Level 30, player can construct facilities with higher rate (max rate as 8), obtain higher level weapon, equipment and etc.

- New WristBracer and shoes have been added to 8th class Rank of Humankind, Elfkind and Beastkind the 3 main races, players with 8th class Rank can collect new equipment from NPC Ohio at Thousand Stream City.

- Obtain materials from Guild Base to produce new equipment and weapons of 8th class. Strengthening of new equipment can be classified into 3 stages: Purgation, Elevation and Ascendence. Previous holes numbers, refinement and gems can be remained after strengthening.

- New 9th class Rank weapons. Players with 9th class Rank can remake old equipment at Ether General of Thousand Stream City. Equipment remake requires a certain amount of Sorely Tablets. Previous holes numbers, refinement and gems can be remained after remake.

- Activation of momento quest of Perfect World International World Championship, players with character level above 35 can collect quest from  South Ancient Dragon City daily.

- Godless Valley is released after adjustments, the process is unchanged, players will lose EXP after dying and will not be automatically revived, upon entering the system will give out Holy Revival Scroll, Holy Hierogram and Holy Pouch


Other Adjustment


·Adjusted rate of BOSS Mirage Box drop in Holy Hall of Dusk. BOSS will not drop Mirage Box in individual mode of Dungeon. As for team mode, BOSS will not drop Mirage Box in 1.1, 2.1 Dungeon

·Reduced quest difficulty of Devyn Order (Level 20-30)

·Asura Advanced Reward – lowers difficulty to obtain Aviation, Aviation can now be obtained with 1 Dracymeteor, effective up to 3 days. Reverse Potion can no longer share cooling time with other potions.

·Optimized function of “Right click drag and drop”

·New function “Gold Color”, different amount of gold will be shown in different colors to allow players to differentiate the amount of gold easily

·Countdown timer for refresh time of “Attack Power Ranking” has been introduced, the rank can be checked at Elder of Thousand Streams City

·Color changing of Auction numbers to appeal the amount of gold

·Adjusted EXP and SP of Frost City BloodDevil

·Invisible Rogue in Territory War is unable to control Chariot

·Rewards for Reward quest level  100 and above have been increased, Mirage stone and Mysterious Token are now raised up to 55, Fortune Bag replaced with SkyCharm, and new added Fortune Card as reward (certain chances will obtain).

·Use “Samsara Scroll” to enter Hall of Samsara dungeon, which contains prodigious spawned items.

·Guild Dungeon reward item –After use Seraphic  Giftpack will massively increase gained material.

·Use of Seraphic Giftpack not only could obtain material, but also obtain 300 Reputation.

·Decreases needed amount of Warrior Signet for signet redemption.

·The amount of “Daemonic Cube Good Card“ as the rewards for Reward quest level  100 and above adjust to 2, while probability remains unchanged.

·Adjustment of guild base’s Health

·Attached Hatred of Werebeast and Swordseido’s certain skills have been escalated by a great margin

·Adjustment of Wraith Angel’s plant-summoned skill, to increase Dodge state

·Adjustment of Holy Hall of Dusk’s spawn, BOSS’s spawn will change to “Mirage Box” instead of “Mirage Stone”. Each Mirage Box contains 6 Mirage Stones

·Adjustment of Asura Path related function

·Asura Blade and Shura King can be found at Asura Battlefield every night

·After death, player may re-enter Asura Battlefield  to continue combat

·Way to obtain reward has increased, player able to collect corresponding reward even after death

·79 dungeons have been adjusted, the scene  door is now removed

·Mirage Box gained from Holy Hall of Dusk dungeon, its required Doom Cultivation to open it

·Combat strategy of Samsara Hall BOSS, Mastereign·Sacrilege has changed, each died of player his/her HP recovery will decreased by 10%

·Spouse quest reward, speed of the male’s mount could upgrade to 11m/s

·Godless Valley Revival Scroll cooldown has changed to 3 seconds.

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